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Information Technology is first about having People with - right skills, appetite to learn and explore for newer solution.

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Our expertise and years of working in various technologies has enabled us build a strong team of resources. With staffing service we want to augment and contribute to your short and long term technical needs for building applications. A team of senior leads and architects come together to form our "COE" (Center Of Excellence), resources benefit from this and provide best quality services.

Benefits from our service

  • Owners can focus more on their business ideas, plans and goals; while we build it for you
  • Your technical teams can ramp up technical staff with us to achieve targets
  • Quickly build teams to fill gaps for newer technical talent
  • Hire technical resource and build your required technical capabilities for application support

Why choose us?

  • Benefit from our self-sustained, well trained and groomed staff
  • Transparent resource screening
  • Assured quality & consultation by COE (Center Of Excellence)
  • We adhere to strict NDA to keep your business safe
Write to us at info@quantasis.com and we promise to provide the best of our technical capable staff.